REVIEW – Rumble on the Rock Superstar Collection

by Michael Comeau on April 27, 2010

If there is one DVD every MMA fan must own, it is the Rumble on the Rock Superstar Collection, which packs in all the fights from five events – Rumble on the Rock 4 through 8.

If you’re looking for great production values and fun behind-the-scenes extras, you are clearly barking up the wrong tree. You could make a better DVD with a Macbook and iMovie.

But if you want the maximum bang for your buck plus a slice of MMA history, this is the DVD to own.

Seriously, for as little as $4 on Amazon, you get a ton of great fights and a rare slice of big-time MMA that didn’t take place under the UFC, Pride, or K-1 banners.

Rumble on the Rock was headed by JD Penn’s (brother of BJ Penn) Rumble World Entertainment, but eventually swallowed up by Pro Elite, the former parent company of defunct EliteXC.

Many people don’t know that ROTR had the most exciting rule-set of any major fighting organizations. They were basically the unified rules, but allowed kicks, knees, and stomps to the head of grounded opponent. Looking at it another way, ROTR featured Pride rules with elbows, but without the stalling penalties. Not all of the ROTR used these rules however.

And it is a shame that this organization didn’t last longer, because ROTR put on some kick-ass events, notably ROTR 4which held the the superfight between BJ Penn and Takanori Gomi. It may have been the only time in MMA history when the top two lightweights in the world met in a cage to fight it out for supremacy.

But even beyond the Penn/Gomi mega-fight, the ROTR DVD set has a ton of appeal.

First, ROTR 8 had the single greatest freakshow fight of all time – Butterbean vs. Wesley “Cabbage” Correira. It was like Forest Griffin/Stephan Bonnar 1, only far more brutal and with big fat guys. Just picture a plane crashing into a train that’s falling off a cliff, crossed with an MMA fight. It’s completely ridiculous, and completely awesome.

Then there’s the infamous fight between Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami in which Silva was disqualified for an illegal upkick – the last time the Spider lost a fight.

ROTR 6 features the best BJJ fighter vs. wrestler match I’ve ever seen in Royler Gracie vs. Kazuyuki Miyata. It also has a big match between BJ Penn and Rodrigo Gracie, which sports the worst editing moment I’ve seen in MMA. For about a minute of the fight, the camera actually follows a fight in the crowd, ignoring the one in the cage. Yep, you hear the commentators calling the fight, but you’re watching a pile-on in the crowd.

Other fights include:

Jake Shields vs. Yushin Okami
Jake Shields vs. Carlos Condit
Carlos Condit vs. Renato “Charuto” Verissimo
Tank Abbott vs. Cabbage Correira
Ricco Rodriguez vs. Scott Junk
Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro vs. Tetsuji Kato
Wes Sims vs. Antoni Ardonk
Dennis Hallman vs. Ross Ebanez
Kendall Grove vs. Joe Riggs
Matt Lindland vs. Tony Fryklund
Gilbert Melendez vs. Stephen Palling
Paul Buentello vs. Andy Montana

and more!

Events on DVD like UFC 92 and UFC 100 are fun, but there is no better value for your money than the Rumble on the Rock Superstar Collection. For as little as $4 if you buy used, you get a ton of great fights that are fun to pop on when waiting for a UFC PPV event to start.

Buy the ROTR DVD Set on Amazon

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